Manufacturers of BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes & Laminators, Printers, Job Workers


Terms and conditions:

  • Due to the volatility of the market, all rates are always subjected to change without prior notice. The rates thus provided will always be current rates.
  • The rates provided are basic rates and all other taxes like VAT, ED, CST and others if any, are extra as applicable.
  • The rates are FOR Malanpur. Transportation cost shall be charged extra.
  • All orders will be processed upon receipt of proper “Purchase Order”.
  • Payment terms: 50 % advance at the time of placing of Order and balance at the time of dispatch while raising Performa invoice.
  • Orders will be processed upon receipt of proper “C-forms” in advance, in order for the customer to avail tax benefits. Else full tax shall be charge ( i.e., 2% CST against C-form and 5% without C form shall be charged)
  • It is advised to always place a sizable order for logistics reasons.
  • All disputes subjected to Gwalior Jurisdiction.

Terms and conditions to buy BOPP tapes in single color printing, plane and transparent, colored tapes, industrial grade quality.