Manufacturers of BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes & Laminators, Printers, Job Workers


Floor Masking tapes:

  • Uniform thickness and width throughout the length
  • Better performance as compared to paints
  • Once laid on clean surface, it resists water, acids, alkalies, oil, greases, and gasoline
  • Free from wrinkles and air bubbles, making it easy to apply uniformly and without distortions

Duct and Book Binding Tapes:

  • Ideal for insulation, underground piping, corrosion and abrasion protection
  • Good resistance to moisture and humidity
  • Possessing outstanding conformity
  • Designed for industrial or pipe wrapping
  • Colors available: black, red, pink, silver gray and more

Reinforced Paper Tapes:

  • Laminated with fiber glass filaments used specially for reinforcement purpose
  • Very high tensile strength, high adhesion
  • Water activated
  • High resistance to abrasion while transportation
  • Recommended for export packaging
  • Printed version also available

Kraft Paper Tapes:

  • Good performance in re-stripping and packaging
  • High-tack adhesives
  • Recommended for export packaging
  • Environment friendly

Masking Tapes:

  • Resistant to strong solvents and paints
  • Good holding power
  • Best recommended for paint and body shop and furniture industry
  • No adhesive transfer after removal

Aluminum Foil Tape:

  • For general purpose seeming, patching and sealing
  • Used for sealing in ducting process
  • For sealing joints in ducting and insulation processes
  • Provides flame retardant and vapor proof barrier
  • Excellent adhesion on dry and clean surfaces of metal and other surfaces.
  • Can be applied at high and low temperatures
  • Sizes available: 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm
  • Available in thicknesses varying from 25, 30, 40, 50 and 100 microns
  • Applicable in HVAC duct wrapping, protective masking, electroplating